Just Call Me Shmee (penguinstampede) wrote in sinsotheflesh,
Just Call Me Shmee

So Much Goddamn News!

(Automatically cross-posted from Sins O' the Flesh News at http://sins.la/wp/index.php)

Sins will be performing its annual live version of “Clue” on September 9th. Be there, and find out whodunnit! As always, there will be a costume contest. Possible special guests and giveaways to be announces!

We have tons of guest performers in the works in the upcoming months, from Vegas, from Dark Refrain, from that world-famous cast who used to perform in Long Beach… ;)

Also, WE WANT YOU to join cast! We are now casting Dr. Scott, Transylvanians, Tech and Security. Talk to the cast leaders at the show for more information!

Tags: announcements
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