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(Automatically cross-posted from Sins O' the Flesh News at http://sins.la/wp/index.php)

This weekend is our annual religious celebration — Playboy Bunny Night! Come see hot chickies do naughty stuff! Also, shove a lot of Peeps in your orifices, ‘cuz it’s EASTER!

Rocky Vomit is coming up on May 7th! We’ll draw the names for the cast out of a hat, and it’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime only show! (We do not promise actual vomit…it really depends on who ends up playing Trixie!)

In honor of our new shadowcast, “Psycho Beach Party” (happening on June 17th), we will be throwing our very own beach blast and having a Beach Party Night on June 11th! Come in costume as a bathing beauty, a shark, David Hasselhoff, a pile of sand, or whatever floats your dinghy! You may win a swimmingly great prize!

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