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Just Call Me Shmee

Upcoming Events & Open Roles!

(Automatically cross-posted from Sins O' the Flesh News at http://sins.la/wp/index.php)

Currently, we are desperately in need of a Brad, a Riff Raff, and a Dr. Scott. We’re always looking for Trannies, Tech and Security as well. If any of these things sound like they might float your boat, email the castleaders, Scott and Lizabeth!

And we’ve got lotsa special shows coming up, too! (Not only that, but we’ve been selling out, so buy tickets early!)

11/20 – We’ll be doing our Celebrity Match Game before the show!
12/4 – Rocky Vomit! The cast for this evening will have been drawn out of a hat. It’ll either be spectacular, or spectacularly nauseating…it’s all part of the fun!
12/11 – We will be reprising our live musical preshow “The Virgin Horror Picture Show”!
1/8 – It’s Alumni Night! All the old fogeys will be strapping on garter belts and shaking their wrinkled asses for your entertainment. See how Sins Wuz Made! A special preshow number will be dusted off from the vaults for this evening, as well!

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