Just Call Me Shmee (penguinstampede) wrote in sinsotheflesh,
Just Call Me Shmee

New Cast Leaders and Open Roles!

(Automatically cross-posted from Sins O' the Flesh News at http://sins.la/wp/index.php)

We have open roles right now! We desperately need techies and security people…our techies do a lot of work, but have a lot of fun and get a lotta love. Same goes for our security crew! We are also in need of understudies for Dr. Scott and the Criminologist! We will accept both males and females in all roles mentioned…please contact the cast leaders if interested.

Speaking of which…Sins has new cast leaders! They are Lizabeth (Frank/Janet) and Lau (Columbia)! If you have a question or want to join cast, email them at castleaders@sins.la. Girl Power!!

Tags: announcements
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