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Rocky Vomit Cast!

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Here’s the cast we drew for Rocky Vomit!

Frank N Furter – Chris Carrillo (Tranny)
Trixie – Shirley (Criminologist)
Janet – Sean (Dr. Scott/Eddie)
Brad – Nina (Magenta/Janet)
Riff – Chris Wylie (Brad/Rocky)
Magenta – Renee (Tranny)
Columbia – Lindsay (Riff Raff)
Rocky – Emma P. (Tranny)
Eddie – Shannon (Tranny)
Dr. Scott – Poisal (Brad)
Crim – Sebastian (Security)
Trannies – Davey (Emcee), Tara (Tech), Brian (Tech), Lizabeth (Frank/Janet)
Candy the flight attendant – Abbey (Security)

This is going to be a great show! Don’t miss it…it’s coming up on December 4th!!

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